It was another good week for us at SPX Option Trader with +148% ROI in our SPY weekly option trading and +96% ROI in our SPX weekly option trading. The volatility spike this week caused us to have one day with no trade. October is usually a wild ride, and this year is no exception. With such wild swings in the market, it is a good reminder why we are day traders. By day trading, we aren’t affected by large overnight moves in the market. We also don’t get worried about large down days, as so many long-term investors do. Our focus is simply to be on the right side of the move each day, whichever direction that may be. As Day Traders we don’t have to worry about watching a major portion of our portfolio disappear in a few days of wild market volatility. We may not always be on the right side of every move, but as we stay consistent in our approach we can trade each day with confidence. So, let the markets run, and we will do our best to ride the move each day. We would expect more volatility and wild swings in the next few weeks. Below are our trading comments for each day of this week.

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