It was a back and forth week for us. We ended April with a very nice +1,111% ROI in our SPX weekly Option Trading and +1,112% ROI in our SPY week Option Trading. For this week, we went back and forth to finish the week with -14% ROI in our SPX Option Trading and -5% ROI in our SPY Option Trading. It was basically a flat week for us. A little perspective is helpful when we weeks such as this. Having draw downs and flat weeks in trading, is all a part of the process. For over the past 2 years we have a 63% average win ratio, which means we lose about 4 out of every 10 trades. That means on average we have 2 losers per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes we have losing weeks, but by staying consistent we continue to achieve a very nice average monthly return. So, we stay consistent and look forward to our next week of trading. Below are our comments for each day’s trading activity.

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For April we were +164% ROI in our SPX Binary Trader and +211% ROM in our SPX Spread Trader. For this past week we were -71% ROM in our SPX Spread Trader and -115% ROI in our SPX Binary Trader. We look forward to another exciting week of day trading ahead of us.