Auto Trading is available to our subscribers through our Auto Trading Partners . Auto Trading is only available for the SPX Spread Trader . We currently work with Global AutoTrading  and Autoshares. Auto-trading is not for everyone, we believe it is best to trade your own account in real time. But for those who are unable to watch the market during the day and are interested, this service is available.

Please be aware that auto trading results have varied slightly from our posted results, as they may enter at a different time and hold all positions to the close. You may request a list of past trades from Global AutoTrading to compare against our posted performance.

Autotrade with Global AutoTrading

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Please note auto trading has it’s own unique risks associated with it. It is not suitable for every trader. There can be slippage experienced in trades executed via auto trading. Trade alerts are received by auto trading services via email only. Thus the response time can be 1-3 minutes after we’ve made the announcement.