Trading SPX optionsWe are often asked, what are the best days to trade? That obviously isn’t an easy question to answer, as every day is unique. Trading is often like walking a tight rope, trying to balance all the issues that we face without falling. We personally trade every day, because we never know which day will end up being the best day we’ve ever had. But not everyone is able to trade everyday, especially those seeking to avoid being labeled as pattern day traders. So we can look at historic averages and determine some interesting statistics regarding each trading day. Monday trades have only been available for the past 2 months, so not enough data there to be reliable. The following stats apply to SPX trading only, as we just started with the SPY.

Average profit per trade:

  • Tuesday is 47%
  • Wednesday is 69%
  • Thursday is 27%
  • Friday is 96%

Winning trade ratios:

  • Tuesday is 69%
  • Wednesday is 69%
  • Thursday 57%
  • Friday 71%

So which day is best to trade? They are all profitable in regards to past performance. Clearly Fridays have the best average profit and winning trade ratios, followed by Wednesday, Tuesday and finally Thursdays. Now that can certainly change from week to week, and there have been huge winners on Thursdays and losers on Fridays. But knowing this information can help a trader if they are unable to trade each day, knowing which days historically are the best and which are less profitable. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. But these daily rankings have stayed consistent for us over the longer term. After we have a few months of Monday trades and SPY trades we will update these rankings.

Hopefully you find these stats helpful as we look forward to another great week day trading SPX and SPY weekly options.