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Our service is geared to help you the trader have an edge in your trading. We share with you each morning in our daily newsletter within the first 5 minutes after the opening bell; our own market forecast and trading strategy for the day. You will see what we are basing our own trades upon. We provide specific price targets on the SPX  (S&P 500) and SPY including closing price levels, and 3 specific target highs or lows depending upon market forecast. This forecast is time tested and something we’ve found invaluable in our own trading.

We also share with our Trading strategy for the day, the specific option we plan to trade. We share entry limits, profit targets and stop limits. Armed with this information you are ready to make your own trading decisions throughout the day. You can seek to mirror our trades or apply your own strategy. We’ve made an average of over 560% per month with our approach day trading SPX Weekly Options, what you may do is up to you.
Let’s look at an example, this was our SPX Daily Outlook on 02/20/2020:

Our Daily Newsletter

SPX Daily Outlook 02/20/2020
SPX Market Forecast

Close of the day for SPX should be below 3381
1st Target low 3371
2nd Target low 3364
3rd Target low 3357
These are the key levels we will be watching in our trading today.

SPX Trading Strategy

We plan to Buy to Open .SPX200221P3375 (SPX Monthly Option: put, Strike: 3375 Expiration: 02/21/20) at limit price of 8 *please note trading guidelines below.
We will be looking for about a 90% profit and using about a 75% stop along with using our target price levels. Please see our website www.spxoptiontrader.com for further information on our trading guidelines.

SPY Market Forecast

Close of the day for SPY should be below 338
1st Target low 337.25
2nd Target low 336.5
3rd Target low 335.75

SPY Trading Strategy

We plan to Buy to Open .SPY200221P337 (SPY Monthly Option: put, Strike: 337 Expiration: 02/21/20) at limit price of 1 *please note trading guidelines below
We will be looking for about a 50% profit and using about a 65% stop along with using our target price levels. Please see our website www.spxoptiontrader.com for further information on our trading guidelines.

Trading Guidelines

We normally wait till 9:35 a.m. EST to enter our trade, and most often enter the trade at a much lower price than our limit shared above. If market is moving fast in the right direction and approaching our limit, we normally enter the trade early. If the market is clearly heading in the opposite direction of our forecast, we will often delay entry until it turns. We will not enter any trade after 10:00 a.m. EST. Each trader must pick their own exits based on risk tolerance and market conditions. We often employ a trailing stop when our profit goals are hit or price targets are reached.
We use these levels as guidelines for our exit strategy. Once a level is hit, we watch very carefully and will often exit if market starts to reverse course off of these levels.
Our percentage stops and targets are guidelines for our trading. If the stop is near a level of support/resistance we will most often give it a little room. Also be aware that the market has a tendency to close the gap. This means that often it will move towards the previous day’s close and that can be a very strong support/resistance line. So be aware of the previous day’s close and any support/resistance levels by looking at 15 min chart for past 5 days.

Possible Support/Resistance Levels

Possible SPX support/resistance levels: 3383, 3388, 3397, 3404
Possible SPY support/resistance levels: 338.25, 339, 339.5, 340

Make it a profitable day!
SPX Option Trader

How does a trader use our Daily Newsletter?

So, let’s walk through a real day and see how a trader can use our service. Within minutes of the open you have access to our SPX Daily Outlook directly on our website, by email and by text msg and consequently you are ready for the day. As it nears 9:35 a.m. EST you notice the Option contract is trading below the limit, so you enter at 5.26. The SPX rallies a bit, going in the opposite direction, but never hits the initial stop loss % shared in the Daily Outlook of -75% so you hold your position. Then the dramatic sell off begins just after 10:40 a.m. In less than an hour you watch as the market quickly drops through all 3 target levels. Using the guidelines provided on our website, once the SPX breaks the 3rd target level, you are watching for a reversal. As the market starts to bounce off the low, you decide to exit your position at 30.23 to lock in a nice profit of +475%! Because you used our service, you made +475% ROI in one day trade. Our SPX Daily Outlook helped you to not get shaken out by all the other noise in the market. This is just one example of how you might be able to use our service in your own trading. For more examples please see our SPX Trader’s Blog entries where we discuss each and every trade. You may also find this article helpful.

Over 560% Average per Month!

Try us now for a free 7 day trial. For 7 days you will gain full access to our service, to see if it is right for you. Then when you are ready for real-time access you can subscribe for full real time access. Be sure and read through the many articles on our website to learn more about our service. You can learn more about our strategy here.