Our Past Performance

SPX Option TraderWe have three aspects to our service, our SPX Daily Outlook Trading Strategy, our Market Forecast, and our SPX Spread Trader. A record of past performance can be easily misunderstood.  We want this section to be as transparent as possible to help you evaluate if our service can be of benefit to your personal trading.  One trader may take our information and experience large profits, another losses due to how they acted on the information shared. We’ve separated out our performance to show the accuracy of our market forecast, and how our specific option day trade performed. You will see how we have averaged over 560% monthly return on our trading.

*This does not account for commission or slippage, your actual results may vary. Past Performance is no guarantee of future results. There are no guarantees that any one individual’s portfolio will match exactly with what our model portfolio’s performance is. These results are provided for informational purposes only.