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“SPX Option Trader is the best trading website i have used in over 14 years of trading. It takes a while to get used to the service but if you manage money properly and stay consistent, you will be profitable. The folks at SPOT have always been responsive and helpful.”

Mike, Subscriber

“Great service. The forecast is amazingly accurate and a great system. I highly recommend!”

Jay, Subscriber

“I’m not sure how I stumbled upon you’re site but I am glad I did.  I love your trading strategy and the focus on just the SPX, for me the more simple the better.”

Zack, Subscriber

“Keep up the great analysis.”

Stephen, Subscriber

“You have a great service-very helpful insights augmenting my work.”

Steve, Subscriber

“Thanks for the great forecast and guideline everyday. It has been working quite well for me.”

Ying, Subscriber

“Unbelievable that you guys called the SPY close by .08 and 1st tier low by .02 today. Great job.”

Jimmy, Subscriber

“Thanks again for a great job you and your team do.”

Joe, Subscriber

“You guys definitely stand out amongst the competition and I have greatly appreciated the trading service you have provided.”

Will, Subscriber

“Thanks again for everything, and congrats on another great week.”

Mark, Subscriber

“Thank you for the week in review! As a new subscriber this is very helpful!”

Daniel, Subscriber

“Of all the option services I have tried, yours is the most useful for me.”

Ben, Subscriber

“I love this service, although there have been a few costly mistakes from me, I’m very glad I subscribe to this.”

Manoj, Subscriber

“Thanks for all you do! As a new member I’ve been impressed with your weekly SPX/SPY performance and trade judgment. Your accuracy most days is amazing! I’m still learning and implementing your best practices for winning trades….Great job! Thanks for helping me by breaking it down each day. Best regards.”

David, Subscriber

“Love this service!”

Charles, Subscriber

“Please know, your service and the consistency of delivery and documentation are greatly appreciated.”

Jamie, Subscriber

“I like your service a lot as it’s giving just what you promise without any additional hype like so many other services.”

Kari, Subscriber

“I’m very glad that I came across your company.”

Nancy, Subscriber

“I appreciate your thoughts and insights, and thank you for the daily outlook, which is very good.”

Helmut, Subscriber

“I’ve been following your service for a few weeks now, and am quite impressed with the results .”

Jason, Subscriber

“Great Service – you really put it nice and simple of what needs to be done and what to expect.”

Kirill, Subscriber

“Thanks again for your newsletter service. It’s simply AWESOME.”

Ehab, Subscriber

“This service is great. I appreciate the simple, transparent and honest approach. ”

Matt, Subscriber

“I love the service. ”

William, Subscriber

“Thanks for your alerts, I am loving your service. ”

Sherif, Subscriber

“Thank you for your service. ”

Stanyos, Subscriber

“I really like your approach to take the trade, it is quite simple and easy to understand.”

Syed, Subscriber

“I appreciate your honesty and transparency with your program.”

Ran, Subscriber

“I signed up for the 7 day free trial yesterday and today was already a successful trade for me. Thank you for that.”

Octavio, Subscriber

“First I would like to say that I absolutely love this, I’ve been looking for exactly this type of trading/strategy for a long time.”

Michael, Subscriber

“Your service is fantastic.  Keep up the great work.”

Richard, Subscriber

“I really like your service thus far. Great work!”

David, Subscriber

“You have a great service.”

Jim, Subscriber

“Love your service”

Michael, Subscriber

“Thanks for providing this great service. I am a new member and i have already made some returns in the last few days.”

Ramesh, Subscriber

“I just wanted to let you know your recording of performance in an accurate manner, without exaggeration or “untruth”, is refreshing. I am excited to have subscribed to not only a successful service but one with integrity! Keep up the great work.”

Dan, Subscriber

“Solid $3,000 return and out by 10 am! Thank you”

Hussain, Subscriber

“I want to say that i really admire how great a system you have day trading the SPX/SPY. Your results are incredible.”

Ahmet, Subscriber

“I’ve been a subscriber since December of last year and want to thank you for this service. It is excellent and it’s clear you have a lot of integrity and operate with transparency.”

Dave, Subscriber

“Love your service so far!!”

Wayne, Subscriber

“Thanks for the great guidance.”

Carlos, Subscriber

“Thank you so much for great trade yesterday.”

Jamal, Subscriber

“I think your service is amazing!”

Philip, Subscriber

“You guys are the best”

David, Subscriber

“I like your service very much. I benefited a lot by reading your website guidelines. Your instructions were easy to follow and delivered on the website and email in timely fashion. You also promptly responded to my questions.”

Thomas, Subscriber

“Finally I can say that there is an honest service available in this industry.”

Pete, Subscriber

“I told several friends about your company.  Thank you so much!  I cannot wait for the next trade.”

Brian, Subscriber

“After thoroughly reviewing your site and strategy, I signed up for your free offer and was hooked from your first email. These last two weeks have been a game changer for me. Your forecasts, your targets and your exits, all fall within the same areas of trade that fit within my sense of direction of the market as well. Your conservative nature is comforting with low risk and your results are highly successful with legit profits. This is my cup of tea!  Now as an official member, I look forward to trading the market as an SPX Option Trader and want to simply thank you for your knowledge, sharing your knowledge and commitment to helping others make winning trades. The term ‘We are all in this together’ I feel can be over used. Your service exemplifies that term and I think every other member would agree.”

Brad, Subscriber

“Thanks for offering this service.  Highly recommended for patient people not looking to become rich overnight, but looking to build long term wealth while taking the appropriate risk control.”

Sheila, Subscriber

“I am THOROUGHLY enjoying your service.”

Martin, Subscriber

“Today was my first trade with you guys, 30%, very nice. Thanks ”

Miguel, Subscriber

“Like your website and service!”

Bobby, Subscriber

“I have been using your service for the past few months and find it extremely helpful.”

Muhammad, Subscriber

“Great service! ”

Robert, Subscriber

“I love your service. ”

Thomas, Subscriber

“I found your service Amazing. ”

Ahmed, Subscriber

“This is the only system I have used that is actually making me money. ”

Mark, Subscriber

“Your service appeals to me because of your extreme transparency in your trading history and results and your real-time trade updates. I also like a strategy that doesn’t involve picking stocks and instead just focuses on trading one instrument and not holding overnight.”

Randy, Subscriber

“I’ve loved your service.”

Carter, Subscriber

“I have been a day trader since 1998 and have participated in many rooms/services…..Yours is the best I have found! The alerts are timely with research based accuracy and you are honest guys/gals. I have and continue to recommend you to others. Thank you! ”

Carole, Subscriber

“I am very delighted by the simplicity and ease of use of this site. Thank you for offering the service it is exactly what I have been looking for. ”

Chi, Subscriber

“Thanks again for an excellent subscription service you provide. I still have a lot more to learn on how to best utilize it, but it’s been great so far.”

Vijay, Subscriber

“I found a great service, after trying a number of providers.”

Saravana, Subscriber

“Again thanks so very much this is great customer service,  I assure you most firms in this business have zero service and never answer questions!”

Ellis, Subscriber

“Hello, just wanted to say how much I enjoy your service. I’ve had several great days.”

Dennis, Subscriber

“Thanks your service is amazing.”

Mohammad, Subscriber

“Your service is great.”

Bob, Subscriber

“Thank you. I want you to know that I am very appreciative the knowledge gift you gave me. A lot of things came together for me, once I started following you.”

Frank, Subscriber

“Cheers, and thanks for the great service, I love it!”

Chris, Subscriber

“Thank you! Your service is outstanding”

Mike, Subscriber

“I honestly believe that your newsletter can make people great returns.  Keep up the good work.”

Jon, Subscriber

“Thank you so much! I’ve only had wins on the options spreads for past two weeks!  So happy! Thanks again.”

Ash, Subscriber

“Your signals are amazingly accurate.”

Jim, Subscriber

“I also want to thank you for the excellent customer service. The best I’ve ever seen. Prompt, courteous, thorough and to the point. The best of success to all of you.”

Curt, Subscriber

“Amazing, Thank you”

Amanda, Subscriber

“You have great service”

Abdullah, Subscriber

“Your service is absolutely incredible!!!”

Frank, Subscriber

“Love trading with SPX Trader. ”

Imran, Subscriber

“You guys are awesome! Not only you all are responsive but also willing to work with individuals 1 on 1. ”

Pramod, Subscriber

“After 45 days, I’m up 10k on 4k of put up capital per trade. ”

Jake, Subscriber

“Thank you so much for your service. This is amazing. ”

Ajay, Subscriber

“This is one of the best services I have ever had. Thank you very much! ”

Teferi, Subscriber

“Thanks for your excellent support and great trading service. ”

Lukas, Subscriber

“Thanks so much. I followed your trade today and did well.”

Scott, Subscriber

“I am learning a lot from your daily suggestions. I believe it is the next step which will help me in trading.”

Shaul, Subscriber

“Thanks, the service is great, transparent and honest.”

Dan, Subscriber

“I’m very impressed.”

Joe, Subscriber

“Spxoptiontrader.com is great!”

Damond, Subscriber

“Thank you for your service. I think it is great.”

Darrell, Subscriber

“Thanks for your service.”

Jimmy, Subscriber

“Awesome  great trade today for me on SPY I made 50%.”

John, Subscriber

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