Another profitable week for us at SPX Option Trader! We ended the abbreviated trading week with +104% ROI in our SPX weekly option trading and +97% in our SPY weekly option trading. This week we saw several days where the market ran much further in our direction after we exited the trade. It was a good reminder, that we rarely make the maximum profit potential in any given trade. We don’t have a crystal ball and never know how far a run will go. We do our best using our key target levels and the information provided in the SPX Daily Outlook. We try to give our positions room to go in our forecast direction, while also seeking to protect our capital and minimize the losses. There are days when we ride it all the way, and when that happens, it feels great. But a trader must also learn to accept that there will be days where you exit, only to have the position worth much more by the end of the day. If you have valid reasons for exiting when you did, don’t worry about the days where it ran further. Try to remember the times your exit strategy saved you from a greater loss. Seeing days where it runs much further is simply confirmation that we were on the right side of the trade, and hopefully next time we’ll be able to ride it further. Below are our comments for each day of this past week:

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