It was another profitable week  for us at SPX Option Trader! We ended this past week with +68% ROI in our SPX weekly option trading, and +62% ROI in our SPY weekly option trading, and  -1% ROM in our SPX Spread Trader. We only had 2 trading days this past week, due to market conditions. It is unusual to have 3 days in a week with no trades. But in periods of increased volatility, often the risk is too high. When the price of options is too high, we typically do not trade because of the unfavorable risk to reward. For example, when the option price on SPX is over 25 a contract, it means the SPX must move over 25 pts early in the day, just to make 100% profit. That historically has not been a good risk to reward ratio. Some traders may still wish to trade, which is why we still provide our forecasts. But we prefer to sit on the sidelines when the price of options is that expensive. As we are patient and use the information each day in our SPX Daily Outlook, we are successful. We look forward to what next week will bring for us! Below are our comments for each day of this past week:


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