It was an unusual week in our trading. This market is extremely volatile, and these huge swings are certainly presenting many challenges to those of us who are day traders. There were 2 days of no trades and so we only had 3 trading days. We had 2 down days and 1 up day, to end the week with -129% ROI in SPX weekly option trading and -114% ROI in SPY weekly option trading. Obviously, not a great start to the month of December for us. But by way of perspective, this is the first down week in our SPX trading since 8/10/18! So while we never like having a down week, we’ve had a great winning streak over these past months. The markets are extremely volatile right now. While we’ve missed several trading days in the past month due to high options prices, we expect those prices to settle down shortly. There are 3 more trading weeks ahead of us in this month, and we look forward to seeing how we will end the month. Below are our comments for each trading day.

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