It was a bit of a rough week for us this past week at SPX Option Trader. We are in a choppy period of trading, 3 down weeks in a row in our SPX trading, and that hasn’t happened since the summer of 2017. While these times are rare, they do happen. When we go through times like this, it can cause a trader to start to question everything. What is wrong with my approach…what can I do to change? But what we’ve found in over 20 years of trading, there is nothing unusual about such periods. While we don’t like these times, they happen. We don’t change our approach because of a rough patch of trading. While it is unusual for us to have 3 losing weeks in a row, it can happen. Going through a tough stretch doesn’t mean our approach is wrong and we must change. This is all a part of trading, we stay consistent and weather the storms. This is how our average returns are achieved. Some months are highly profitable, some less. But as we stay consistent that is the key to our trading. For this past week we were -110% ROI  in our SPY weekly option trading and -118% ROI in our SPX weekly option trading. We look forward to a better week ahead of us. Below are our comments for each trading day.

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