It was a rough week for us at SPX Option Trader.  We went back and forth all week, but ended with a down day on Friday.  We had 2 winning days and 3 down days in our SPX trading.  For the week we ended with -42% ROI in our SPY weekly option trading and -64% ROI in our SPX weekly option trading. It is important to remember that rough patches are part of trading. If you read back through our past weekly summaries you will see our comments when we have great weeks, and when we have rough weeks.  Drawdowns happen, every trade is a risk and sometimes things don’t go as we expect. While it is unusual for us to have 2 losing weeks in a row, it does happen. A few rough days doesn’t mean our approach is invalid, this is all a part of trading. We stay consistent in our approach and weather the storms. Some months are less profitable, some are more but staying consistent is the key to achieving overall success. So we dust ourselves off after the small drawdown this week and look forward to the week ahead!

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