It was back and forth week for us at SPX Option Trader. There were several days where we exited the trade just to see it run much further after we exited. Always a bit frustrating when that happens, but it is something that every daytrader must learn to accept. We make the best exit decision we can at that moment. The market often continues running or turns after we have exited the trade. When evaluating your trading performance, it is not about just one trade. It is looking at the reason you choose to exit and examining if over the longer term that has been the best choice.  Don’t adjust your trading approach based on one or two trades. None of us get out at exactly the right time on every trade. But if you have a proven strategy, and stay consistent, over the long term you will experience success.   We ended this past week with -35% ROI in our SPX weekly option trading, -15% ROI in our SPY weekly option trading, +75% ROI in our SPX Binary Trader and +45% ROM in our SPX Spread Trader. Below are our comments for each trading day of this past week.

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