It was a rougher week for us at SPX Option Trader. This week ended our 7-week winning streak in SPX weekly option trading as we had a down week. For the week we had -116% in SPX weekly option trading and -119% in SPY weekly option trading. With the FOMC meeting we only traded 4 days, and had 1 winner and 4 down days. So clearly not the best week for us. But whenever we have a down week, it is helpful to stop and look at the big picture. A losing week doesn’t mean anything is wrong with our approach, nor does it mean the world is ending. Losing days and losing weeks happen, it is all a part of trading. The key is to try and minimize the down days and maximize the winning days. We are able to do that by using the information in the SPX Daily Outlook. So while we were down this week, we look forward to the week ahead. Below are our comments for each day of this past week:.

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