It was a great week for us in our day trading with +364% ROI in our SPX weekly Option Trading and +559% ROI in our SPY weekly Option trading. It was a back and forth week, with Friday being by far the best day for us. That puts us for the month +1,558% ROI in our SPX Trading and +1,466% ROI in our Spy Trading. We’ve had a few back and forth weeks, and now a nice one. Trading is difficult to say the least. There are never any guarantees in trading, and just because we did great last week or last month is no guarantee of what we will do today. So many traders become so focused on the short-term returns, they neglect to see the bigger picture. We had a rough couple of weeks where our returns were less than our historical averages in the SPX Daily Outlook. And yet, then we see a very nice return this week, and that is the way trading goes. A trader cannot let a few down days or flat weeks change the way they approach the market.  We often see some small weeks followed by large weeks and so we stay consistent in our approach. Below are our comments for each day’s trade.

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